10 Must Read Books of Preeti Shenoy

10 Must Read Books of Preeti Shenoy : Preeti Shenoy's craft captured in these 10 must read books of hers are a must.
Updated: May 23, 2019 12:55 IST
10 Must Read Books of Preeti Shenoy
10 Must Read Books of Preeti Shenoy

Preeti Shenoy is a craftsman cum author situated in Bangalore, India. Reliably been designated for the Forbes List of 100 Most Influential Celebrities in India since 2013, Shenoy's different advantages shift from yoga and human science to photography. Shenoy's first book, 34 Bubblegums, and Candies was an imaginative genuine distributed by Srishti Publishers that proceeded to turn into a national hit. Aside from this, she has additionally composed for the Reader's Digest magazine and the Times of India media gathering and has been showing English and Mathematics to the underprivileged kids.

10 Best Preeti Shenoy Books

1. Life is What You Make It

The tale spins around a lady in her 20s, Ankita, who has a past frequenting her like a bad dream. As she grows up from pre-adulthood to a lady in her mid-20s, she swims through various circumstances, takes part in undertakings with two or three folks and is set-back by her folks' refusal to acknowledge her circumstance. Because of relentless changes throughout her life, Ankita creates bipolar turmoil at one point in time. The story spins around Ankita's battles, assurance, her choices and her confidence in self. The book delightfully portrays how she gets to know her bipolar issue, how she chooses to support her own self and how she fights these circumstances without anyone else's input. The title of the book in a manner depicts the focal subject of the book yet the way wherein Preeti drove home the point through a fascinating story, is awesome.

2. The Rule Breakers

The tale is about two individuals one being studious, keen and true, Veda harbors huge dreams for what's to come. Yet, her folks mastermind a marriage for her, and the multi-year-old finds that she has nothing to do with the issue. Driven out behind an ideal life in the slope town of Joshimath—loaded up with discussions and pleasurable occasions with her kin, and her closest companion, the attractive Suraj—she sets aside her aspirations and moves into a level in Pune with an impassive spouse and a relative from damnation. In spite of the fact that raised to be peaceful and devoted, Veda abrades at the triviality of her reality and battles to adapt to the unforeseen dejection she is immersed in. At that point, in the midst of the foreboding shadows of stagnation and dejection, Veda cuts out the unlikeliest of silver linings. This book in an emotional roller coaster!

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The Rule Breakers

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3. Love a Little Stronger

Life is an accumulation of minutes, some paramount and some every day. Frequently it is the smallest things that bring the best bliss, despite the fact that around then, we have no clue that what we are seeing might be mysterious, something that we will discuss and giggle over after numerous years. Pressed with her humorous stories, impactful perceptions and a composition style cherished by millions over the world, this book is sure to evoke genuine emotion with anyone who has youngsters or who has been a tyke, themselves.

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Love a Little Stronger: A collection of true stories and learnings from the author’s life

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4. The Secret Wish List

The story spins around Deeksha who in her high school years, was a young lady brimming with life, enjoying a wide range of fun exercises and participated in everything that looked energizing. Be that as it may, her life takes a U-turn when she gets hitched and settles down. She loses her appeal and her life turns out to be absolutely repetitive. There is just the same old thing new nor energizing and it would appear that the old 'Deeksha' is lost until the end of time. In any case, fate enters the quarrel as she is given an open door that will empower her to re-carry on with her previous existence. Will Deeksha crush the shackles and get the spirit to those occasions that were loaded up with fun and fervor? Realizing that everything accompanies a cost, what is the cost she should pay for returning to her past life? Could Deeksha, at last, locate the genuine significance of her life? The book responds to every one of these inquiries and that's just the beginning!



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5. The One You Cannot Have

It's elusive a book that clarifies what love is, because of its totally unpredictable nature. The One You Cannot Have is a romantic tale dependent on the multifaceted ground of adoration. Creator weaves the story around a person named Aman, who discovers love the second time with Anjali, however, his past with Shruti still waits on in the profundity of his heart. One deplorable day Shruti says a final farewell to Aman. Broken, he leaves the nation. Shruti weds Rishabh. Aman returns inevitably and discovers Anjali. With a heart loaded up with affection for Shruti, Aman endeavors to make another story of his life. He feels warmth for Anjali, yet his injured heart has not recuperated yet. In view of the beat of genuine affection, a heart contacting and moving story of knotty connections and encased feelings - The One You Cannot Have.

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The One You Cannot Have

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6. It's All in the Planets

Meet Aniket. Twenty-seven, geek, Mr. Normal. His closest companion is Subbu, a geek who inhales, considers and lives code. Aniket can't trust his karma when he begins dating Trish - a dazzling, provocative model, who is absolutely out of his class. Yet, Trish has a rundown of things she needs him to take a shot at, starting with his pot tummy and his quirkiness.At that point, there's Nidhi, thirty-two, who has stopped her corporate activity to pursue her energy. She is locked into Manoj, Mr. Flawless - aside from one angle. Aniket and Nidhi meet on a train, a shot experience and she consents to turn into his 'relationship mentor'. It's a choice that sets into motion a chain of occasions that will profoundly affect the lives of all included.

7. A Hundred Little Flames

At the point when 26-year-old Ayan is sent to live with his testy old granddad Gopal Shanker, in a small town, in Kerala, he is justifiably crushed. What can a drowsy, unspoiled town without even Internet availability offer a young fellow? To exacerbate the situation, Jairaj, Ayan's overbearing dad has his own arrangements and is resolved to have his direction. Before long, Ayan needs to grapple with the hard substances of life and the visual deficiency of eagerness as he and Gopal Shanker discover that life can in some cases disentangle in unexpected ways. A young fellow, whose life lies in front of him. An elderly person, whose life is all previously. Also, a couple of months make a huge difference. A Hundred Little Flames is an enchanting record of a relationship crosswise overages and furthermore a reflective take a gander at the issues of elderly individuals.

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A Hundred Little Flames

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8. It Happens for a Reason

The story begins with Vee lying in an emergency clinic subsequent to settling on the greatest choice in her short 18-year-old life. Vee, adoring and joyful, is superseded by desire at the ready age of 18; she arrives up pregnant and needs to make the last approach whether to keep the baby or not. She turns into a single parent, which abandons her demonstrating profession and individual life in disorder. In the wake of being abandoned by her family and Ankush, the man she thought she adored, she discovers solace and love in her child, Aryan. The story quick advances to sixteen years after the fact and we see another Vee. Working between two occupations to keep bread on the table, her association with her child is sincerely mixing and exhilarating to peruse. This little existence where Vee endures is torn into shreds when two noteworthy turns hit her life. A mishap at her burrow boarding office and the arrival of Ankush into her life bring disorder streaming in all ways. As Vee, Aryan, and Ankush get into a crazy ride making a beeline for no place, the peruser makes the most of their uneven ride.

9. 34 Bubblegums and Candies

Just as one continues biting bubblegum, notwithstanding when it ends up boring, there are conditions that individuals need to confront day by day and a point comes when the air pocket may blast, abandoning sticky chaos. A sweet must be appreciated gradually and delighted in, though bubblegum must be savored. Be that as it may, there might be times when a hard bubbled treat may incidentally descend and an individual needs to endure the torment while the sweet goes down the sustenance pipe. Like such unsure encounters with bubblegums and confections, life is additionally very eccentric and one can't anticipate what's coming up for the person in question. Neither these sweet shops nor life accompanies a guidance manual, and one needs to fearlessly confront all difficulties and amazement that life tosses at them. Rather than cribbing constantly and sitting tight for gigantic shocks, one must figure out how to discover bliss in little things that life offers is the substance of the greater part of the existence episodes described in this gathering

10. Tea for Two and a Piece of Cake

Tea For Two And A Piece of Cake is the story of  Nisha who is a young lady nearby with a normal appearance and a full stature. Matters deteriorate when Nisha loses her employment and her life appears to be more miserable than any other time in recent memory. Nonetheless, destiny grins at her and she winds up getting hitched to a rich, attractive and a practically flawless person, Samir. As the year's pass, her association with Samir turns turbulent and her life is again wrecked. Her reality comes smashing down as Samir chooses to go separate ways with her for a more youthful lady. As Nisha attempts to assemble the messed up bits of her life, Akash, a more youthful person comes into her life as a beam of expectation and their kinship blooms. She is spooky by her past and the battle to endure freely however does not bolster upsetting Akash with her issues. Tea For Two And A Piece of Cake is an account of a normal lady and her normal life brimming with flaws. Be that as it may, in the midst of these defects lies a remarkable story of a normal young lady.

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Tea for Two and a Piece of Cake

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10 Must Read Books of Preeti Shenoy

Product Price in India
The Rule Breakers ₹ 306
Love a Little Stronger: A collection of true stories and learnings from the author’s life ₹ 118
The One You Cannot Have ₹ 171
A Hundred Little Flames ₹ 390
Tea for Two and a Piece of Cake ₹ 177
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