Best Tampons To Buy : How to Use, Tampons Vs Pads, Types of Tampons & More

Tampons are no more a fuss even in India. Though many people are yet unaware about the usage and benefits of tampons, there are many who have accepted it as an alternative to conventional pads. Here we have listed some of the top tampon brands including O.b. Pro, Bella and others.
Best Tampons To Buy : How to Use, Tampons Vs Pads, Types of Tampons & More
Best Tampons in India

Tampons are an effective alternative to conventional pads and are considered to be one of the most easy-to-use period protection tools ever. Despite the myths and misconceptions, tampons have come a long way. However, finding the right tampon online can be a time-consuming task. Thus today we will be sharing with you some tips on tampons use and we also will be sharing information on tampons price. Tampon like the sanitary pads are a feminine hygiene product, that is used to absorb the menstrual flow in women during their periods. Tampons have time and again proven to be a lifesaver for menstruating women as these are small they can easily fit in anywhere, these can also be slit in your handbag and accompany you while travelling. So here are some of the best tampon brands and all that you wish to know about tampons.

Best Tampons Brands with Price

1. Playtex Sport Tampons- Best in Class Tampons

Playtex tampons are considered to be the best for active women, who are involved in physical workout or sports. Playtex being one of the best tampon brands has patented its ‘FlexFit' technology which allows the tampon to move in your body, exactly at your rhythm, as you move, twist and turn.

Playtex Playtex Sport Tampons with Flex-Fit Technology, Regular and Super Multi-Pack, Unscented - 50 Count Amazon Deal

Playtex Playtex Sport Tampons with Flex-Fit Technology, Regular and Super Multi-Pack, Unscented - 50 Count

₹ 3,391
₹ 4,999 (32% off)
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2. O.b. Pro Comfort Regular Tampons- Best Regular Tampon

One of the most popular tampon brands, O.b. Pro comfort tampons is said to be the best pick for regular flow. With their superior technology of locked-in leak protection, you can be assured of great quality. Made from highly absorbent fibres, and the use of ‘curved grooves technology' makes it all the more reliable.

O.b. Pro Comfort Regular Tampons Amazon Deal

O.b. Pro Comfort Regular Tampons

₹ 405
₹ 460 (12% off)
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3. Bella Tampo Super Easy Twist- Tampons with a Twist

Bella tampons are liked by every modern girl and women, believed to be made from the best quality fibres this tampon is covered with soft cotton making it easy and safe to insert and use. It can easily accompany you not only in case of low activity but can also protect you while swimming, jogging or playing other sports.

Bella Tampons Super Easy Twist 16 Pcs Amazon Deal

Bella Tampons Super Easy Twist 16 Pcs

₹ 133
₹ 149 (11% off)
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4. Sofy Tampon Regular- Most Comfortable Tampons

Believed to be one of the most comfortable tampons it promises freedom from wetness, leakage and discomfort. The unique Japanese 'Unicharm' technology further improves its performance and it provides long-lasting absorbency. Sofy is considered to be one of the most affordable brands when it comes to menstrual products.

Sofy Tampon Regular - 10 Pieces Amazon Deal

Sofy Tampon Regular - 10 Pieces

₹ 179
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5. U by Kotex Click Compact Tampons- Easy-Fit Tampon

Designed with a smooth tip for quick, easy insertion, it expands all around for full coverage and protection. Kotex is said to be one of the best brands of tampons that manufacture some of the best and easy fit tampons.

6. Sirona Premium Digital Tampon- No Applicator Tampon

Made from 100% viscose fibres this unique brand of tampon ensures that you get the highest absorbency. Sirona has a range of innovative products focused on solving all your period woes and worries. These tampons are made up of compressed layers of absorbent natural fibres which soaks all the blood flow and the smooth fibre also does not cause rashes.

Sirona Heavy Flow Premium Digital Tampon - 20 Pieces Amazon Deal

Sirona Heavy Flow Premium Digital Tampon - 20 Pieces

₹ 249
₹ 315 (21% off)
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7.Natracar Organic Cotton Tampons- Organic Tampon

Considered to be one of the most user-friendly tampon brands, Natracar tampons are completely perfume and chlorine-free. Extra care is taken while manufacturing these organic tampons so that the user remains free from irritation and rashes.

100% Organic Cotton Tampons - Super Plus - 20 Pack by Natracare Amazon Deal

100% Organic Cotton Tampons - Super Plus - 20 Pack by Natracare

₹ 2,150
₹ 2,688 (20% off)
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8. FLOH FDA Approved Super Tampons- Super Absorbency Tampon

FLOH tampons are said to be the best tampons online. The plastic stem and the well-rounded tip makes it easy for insertion and use. These super tampons promise 8 hours of protection against leakage so that you can stay worry-free for long. The best thing about these tampons is that once inserted inside the vagina, it takes the shape of your vaginal canal, and doesn't slip outside unless you pull it out.

FLOH FDA Approved Super Tampons For Women Heavy Flow Pack of 4 (40 Pieces) Amazon Deal

FLOH FDA Approved Super Tampons For Women Heavy Flow Pack of 4 (40 Pieces)

₹ 415
₹ 480 (14% off)
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9. Pee Safe 100% Organic Cotton Tampons- Easy to Use Tampons

Pee Safe tampons happen to be one of the few easy to use tampons. Made from 100% organic cotton these tampons are extra-soft, most comfortable and are totally biodegradable. Not only this it fits you snugly as your perfect size and promises complete stain protection.

Pee Safe 100% Organic Cotton Tampons (Pack of 16, Regular) Amazon Deal

Pee Safe 100% Organic Cotton Tampons (Pack of 16, Regular)

₹ 218
₹ 279 (22% off)
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10.Tampax Pearl Regular Plastic Tampons- Best Plastic Tampon

Laced with unique ‘LeakGuard Skirt', it helps to stop leaks even before they happen. It guarantees 8-hour protection and comes with a well-rounded stem and string for easy insertion and disposal. The perfume-free and chlorine-bleaching free manufacturing make it gentle on the skin.

Tampax Pearl Regular Plastic Tampons, Unscented, 18 Count Amazon Deal

Tampax Pearl Regular Plastic Tampons, Unscented, 18 Count

₹ 382
₹ 430 (11% off)
Buy on Amazon

What are Tampons?

Unlike the hype that has been created in India regarding tampons, these are quite easy, convenient and safe to use. Tampons are soft absorbent cotton or rayon based products that help protect against leakages. Tampons have to be worn inside the body. Tampons are easy to carry and dispose of.

Tampons Vs Sanitary Pads

There has been a long debate going for quite some years between tampons and conventional sanitary pads. While the western world has surrendered to tampons being supreme, in India the debate is still not over. 

Benefits of Using Tampons :

  • Tampons give you the liberty to stay free even during periods.
  • You can easily swim or enjoy the rains while wearing tampons.
  • If inserted properly you can't even feel them.
  • They are available in different absorbencies to accommodate light to heavy flow.
  • Convenient to carry and can fit even in your pocket.

Side-effects of Using Tampons :

  • One major problem with tampons is that it carries the risk of TSS.
  • Though it's very rare, however, the risk is there.
  • For new users, inserting the tampon can be a little uncomfortable task.
  • Finding the right size and type of tampon for your flow would require some hit and trials.
  • They aren't environment-friendly.
  • Tampons can sometimes make your vagina dry causing irritation and rashes.

Benefits of Using Sanitary Pads :

  • People with a heavy period flow are quite dependent upon it.
  • Pads are available in a lot of options to accommodate changes in the flow.
  • Girls who are new to periods often rely upon them.
  • They almost don't carry the risk of TSS.
  • They can be worn overnight.

Side-effects of Using Sanitary Pads :

  • They often cause irritation and rashes.
  • You can't swim with pads on.
  • Most of the conventional pads have environmental risks, however, there are other organic and reusable options available.
  • They can shift and wrinkle up.
  • You can't wear them with thongs and G-strings.

Are Tampons Better Than Pads?

Yes, tampons for sure are way better than pads. They are not only discreet and convenient to carry but also have a number of benefits over pads as stated above. When compared together tampons obviously takes the cake away. They are liked by working women or women who have to travel a lot. If you are planning for a pool party or a beachside party, you need not worry with tampons on. 

How to Use Tampons?

If you are using tampons for the first time you might find using it a little tricky, but with our stepwise guide, you can easily get to know how to use tampons correctly. 

Step 1. Pull out a tampon from the packet and remove the wrapper with clean hands. The tampon will enter into your body so you need to make sure there is no risk of infection. Do not tamper the string as it will help you pull out the tampon after use. 

Step 2. Get into a relaxed and comfortable position, you might choose to squat or put one leg on the toilet seat or you might also simply choose to sit on the toilet seat with your legs apart. The most important thing is that you relax so that you can insert the tampon with ease. 

Step 3. Now with one hand try to find your vaginal opening and now using your other hand insert the tampon in a 45-degree angle using your finger or applicator depending on the type you have chosen.

Step 4. Push the tampon deep inside the vaginal canal, till you no longer can feel it. 

Step 5. Once you have inserted the tampon correctly, you can remove it by pulling the string.

Step 6. In order to dispose it of use the re-seal wrapper that comes with the tampons or wrap it up in a paper and throw it in the dustbin. Remember not to flush it!

What is TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome)?

TSS stands for Toxic Shock Syndrome, it is a type of vaginal infection that can be fatal at times. TSS mostly happens when a lady fails to maintain the basic hygiene of her private parts. A lot of care has to be taken while using tampons, as they get inserted into our body. If not used and inserted properly keeping hygiene in minds then use of tampons could be a reason for TSS. Other reasons for TSS might include having unhygienic sex or not washing off the vaginal area after toilet. Not only this if you use public toilets too often then too you can be exposed to the risk of TSS. 

Types of Tampons?

Tampons based upon its application and size can be categorised under various types. Here are some most common types of tampons online. 

Based on Application

There are various ways to insert tampons. Based upon its application tampons can be categorized under the following types:

  • Cardboard: The applicator of this type of tampons is made of cardboard. This is said to be one of the simplest and the most inexpensive types of tampons. However, using this type of applicator of tampons is a little tricky. 
  • Sea Sponge: Sea sponge applicators are made from natural sponge from the ocean. These applicators are organic and environment-friendly. 
  • Plastic: There are tampons that come with plastic applicators, though these applicators are non-bio-degradable yet these are the most commonly used type of applicators. 
  • No Applicator: Also known as digital tampons, these are inserted using fingers. These tampons are a little expensive but are quite convenient to use. 

Based on Size

The size of the tampon is directly proportional to the amount of liquid it can absorb. SO based upon the size tampons can be categorized under 4 types:

Small: As the name suggests these are small and thinner in shape and thus absorb less fluid. It is suitable to use small tampons towards the end of periods. On average, a small tampon can absorb about 6gm of menstrual fluid. 

Regular: The regular tampons are the most commonly used type of tampon. These are meant to absorb approximately 6 to 9 grams of fluid. These are best for women who do not face heavy flow during their periods. 

Super: Super tampons are made for women with heavy flow. These tampons can hold about 9 to 12 grams of menstrual fluid. These are little larger than the regular tampons.

Super Plus: These are the largest tampons of all and can hold about 15gms of fluid. These are appropriate for women with super heavy flow, these can also be used while you are travelling.

Benefits of Tampons vs Menstrual Cup?

We already have discussed a lot about tampons and now its time to brief you on menstrual cups. Like tampons, menstrual cups are yet another modern alternative to conventional pads. These too like tampons have some pros and some cons as well.

When compared to a tampon these are environment-friendly as they can be reused. The amount of wastage that happens while using tampons is reduced. However, as far as comfort is considered tampons are far more comfortable than menstrual cups. Many women do not consider using menstrual cups as hygienic, as the same used cup has to be inserted again. Not only this the risk of TSS is higher while using menstrual cups as compared to tampons. A lot of care and precaution needs to be taken and at the same time, a lot of hygiene too needs to be maintained while using a menstrual cup.

Buying Guide: Tampons in India

  • Size of Tampons: Depending upon your flow a woman needs to choose the right size of a tampon. If you have normal flow you can opt for a regular tampon but for heavy flow, you need to choose from either super or super plus tampons. 
  • Secure and Comfortable: The next thing to consider while buying a tampon is comfort and security. Always buy tampons from the best tampons brands. These brands use secured material and are safe to use. 
  • Absorbancy: One of the major things that you need to look for while planning to buy a tampon is its absorbency power. A super-absorbent tampon is considered good for heavy flow. 
  • Stem/Applicator: There are tampons that come with different types of applicators and then there are some that come with no applicators at all. Depending upon your need and preference you can choose the best one for yourself. 
  • Material: Tampons are often cotton or rayon based, they sometimes can also be a combination of both these materials. You can choose the one that best suits your needs and the one that you feel is comfortable to use. 

FAQ About Tampons in India

Q. Which are best tampons for heavy flow?

A. U by Kotex is considered to be the best for heavy flow. Its super absorbency power makes it just perfect for heavy flow.

Q. Which are best tampons for Light Flow?

A. o.b. ProComfort Lite Days is said to be one of the best tampons for light flow. It can absorb around 9 grams of fluid. It is best to be used during the days when the flow is light.

Q. What is the most comfortable tampon?

A. Applicator free tampons are considered to be the most comfortable tampon. o.b. Pro Comfort is said to be the most comfortable tampons of all.

Q. Do tampons hurt if I'm a virgin?

A. Tampons work exactly the same way for virgins as they do for women who have already have had sex. However, there are chances that the use of tampons by virgin might cause their hymen to break.

Q. Can pulling out a dry tampon cause damage?

A. Certainly not. There might be times when tampons are inserted incorrectly, and this is when you pull out the tampon it might hurt a little. But if it's inserted correctly it will not hurt at all.

Q. How do I know when my tampon is full?

A. The best way to check if your tampon needs to be pulled out or not is to give a light pull on the tampon string. If it starts to pull out easily, then it's time to change it, if not, it usually means you can leave it a bit longer.

Q. Are pads better or tampons?

A. The only benefit that pads have over tampon is that it can be worn overnight or longer than tampons without any risk. But in terms of convenience, ease of use and comfortability tampons are considered to be the best.

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Best Tampons in India Offers

Best Tampons To Buy : How to Use, Tampons Vs Pads, Types of Tampons & More Price in India
Playtex Playtex Sport Tampons with Flex-Fit Technology, Regular and Super Multi-Pack, Unscented - 50 Count ₹ 3,391
O.b. Pro Comfort Regular Tampons ₹ 405
Bella Tampons Super Easy Twist 16 Pcs ₹ 133
Sofy Tampon Regular - 10 Pieces ₹ 179
Sirona Heavy Flow Premium Digital Tampon ₹ 249
Natracare Organic Cotton Tampons ₹ 2,150
FLOH FDA Approved Super Tampons ₹ 415
Pee Safe 100% Organic Cotton Tampons ₹ 218
Tampax Pearl Regular Plastic Tampons ₹ 382
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