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China's Wuhan University To Start Covid-19 Vaccine By 2020

China's Wuhan Institute of Biological Products is in Phase II of vaccine trials and would be able to start distribution by end of 2020.
Updated: Jun 12, 2020 12:12 IST
China's Wuhan University To Start Covid-19 Vaccine By 2020
China's Wuhan University To Start Covid-19 Vaccine By 2020

Amid the rapid rise of Covid-19 cases in India, there are some restrictions back in place. While the recovery rate of India is still the highest of about 50%. The best way to stay safe is staying indoors, maintaining social distancing and following physical hygiene.

With over 150 associations trying to build the Covid-19 vaccine about 10 have reached clinical trials but the time estimation for this vaccine is somewhere in 2021.

Amidst all this China's Wuhan Institute of Biological Products has distributed more than 2,000 vaccines amongst people for trials, and is now ready for Phase II of the trials. The Wuhan Institute says they could be ready with the vaccine by the end of 2020 or by early 2021.

The Beijing Institute of Biological Products at Wuhan has an annual manufacturing capacity of 100 million to 120 million doses.

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