Coronavirus Vaccine: Favipiravir Expected to Be a Cure For Coronavirus

A vaccine for Coronavirus has not yet been developed, however, countries across the world including India are striving hard to come up with a Corona vaccine. In their efforts, they have come up with favipiravir coronavirus medicine. So here are the latest Coronavirus vaccine update.
By: Kanishka Updated: May 06, 2020 21:31 IST
Coronavirus Vaccine: Favipiravir Expected to Be a Cure For Coronavirus
Coronavirus Vaccine: When Can We Expect to Have One

Coronavirus the novel virus that is spreading the deadly COVID-19 disease has impacted far too many lives across the world. And as the world struggles to fight it, the lack of a vaccine is making things worse and even more worrisome.

However the world is jostling to make a vaccine sooner rather than later, and India seems to be leading the race. In their efforts to combat Coronavirus the medial fraternity has come up with the favipiravir coronavirus medicine that is expected to be a cure for this deadly disease.

Coronavirus Vaccine Latest Updates

While multiple research on multiple medicines and technologies to contain Covid-19 are taking place across the globe there is some great news coming in from Italy. The country claims to have come up with the first-ever Coronavirus vaccine that will work effectively on the human body. In the latest updates, Italy claims that they have developed antibodies in mice that will work effectively on human. The vaccine has been tested in Rome and it was found that it neutralizes the Covid-19 virus in human cells.

Meanwhile, Israel also claims to have developed a vaccine against Coronavirus. Israel's Institute for Biological Research (IIBR) has come up with a monoclonal neutralising antibody, that can effectively neutralise novel coronavirus in the body of the carriers.

Favipiravir Corona Vaccine India

India happens to be one of the largest manufacturers of generic drugs and vaccines. It has in the past developed vaccines for over half a dozen severe diseases like Dengue, TB, Polio among others. Many Indian pharmaceutical firms have joined in the race to produce a vaccine for Corona. The Serum Institute of India, Pune, a leading pharma company in India, has stitched up a collaboration with an American biotech company in order to create a Coronavirus vaccine. Apart from this, Glenmark Pharma has also come up with Favipiravir Corona medicine that is expected to fight back Covid-19 infection. 

Will the Corona Vaccine Be Effective For All Ages?

As per the medical authorities who are working day in and day out to come up with a Corona vaccine, the vaccine might not be as effective for the elderly as it will be for the younger ones. This is because the immune system of the aged does not respond well to immunisation.

Who Would Get the Vaccine First?

Whenever the Coronavirus vaccine will be developed there will be limited supply and thus administration of this vaccine would have to be prioritised. Thus, health workers who are coming in direct contact with the Corona

patients will have priority. If the vaccine proves to be effective for the elderly then they too will be placed on the priority list.

By When Can We Expect Corona Vaccine in India?

As per the latest Corona vaccine update from The Serum Institute of India, Pune that has been actively working to develop a vaccine for Corona, we might expect to have a vaccine for Covid-19 by September. With the vaccine being developed it is expected that the spread of the disease will be contained to a great extent

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