5 Best Momo Places of 2017 in Delhi for Every Momo Lover

Majnu ka tila, Dilli haat, Dolma aunty all these ring a bell right? Yes, we are talking about Momos here. If you are a momo lover we have curated the best 5 momo places in Delhi for.

5 Best Momo Places of 2017 in Delhi for Every Momo Lover

Best 5 Momo eating places in Delhi

Famous South Asian food - Momos, as of late have picked up ubiquity in numerous urban areas of India, particularly Delhi. It is normally said that this dish was acquainted with Delhiites by transients from Ladakh. There are steamed, tandoori, fried, gravy, vodka, jhol momos and the other kind of fillings. Vegetarian options are available with varied fillings - corn, cabbage, spinach, cheese, paneer or tofu. These melting little snack sacks are the best things you would have in a long time.

There are many Momos eat out spots in Delhi. We have a rundown of 5 Best Momo eat out spots, which are worth looking at: -

1. Hunger Strike, Amar Colony - If you live at anyplace around Amar Colony, then you may already know this place. Tandoori Momos of Hunger Strike are flavorful. We prescribe you to attempt Afghani Non-Veg Tandoori Momos of this Fast Food Restaurant. Located in Amar Colony Market, this is one of the more famous eating spots in this area.

2. QDs, Satya Niketan - QDs is an extremely cool eat out joint for adolescents. The sustenance and atmosphere of all the QDs branches are exceptional. Do attempt Tandoori Non-Veg Momos of this place. Kindly note that QDs have many branches, you can try Momos of any of these branches.

3. Mogambo, NSP - Mogambo Khush Hua at Netaji Subhash Place, Pitampura is an extremely cool joint place. It is a straightforward and a little eatery with great refreshments. The general mood of this place is great, yet not reasonable for a major gathering of companions.

4. Brown Sugar. GK - I - Brown Sugar is a standout amongst the most famous eating out spots in South East Delhi. This place is mostly famous for Momos and Milk Shakes. Keep in mind to attempt their Kit Kat Milk Shake, when you visit there.

5. Dolma Aunty - No best Momos rundown is never finished without Dolma Aunty in it. Dolma Aunty Momos are one of the best Momos in Lajpat and around. You need to try Dolma Aunty Momos, when you are in Lajpat Nagar next time.

Writer's Pick - 2 Bros Kitchen, Sector 41, Noida - Butter Chicken Momos is the highlight of this place. Momos, as well as different dishes of this place are likewise charming.

Momos can be appreciated at whatever time and wherever. You have been eating Momos from that renowned Momos seller of your colony for a long time, then why not to try some from this list of Delhi's best Momos. We recommend these best 5 Momo spots of Delhi. If you are looking for the Best restaurants in Delhi we have some awesome recommendations for you read here.

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