Best Amazon Exclusive Products That Are Worth Buying

Best Amazon Exclusive Products That Are Worth Buying

Amazon Exclusive Products That Are Worth Buying

Amazon has brought us a plethora of products, some which are smart enough to respond to our voices, some for the reading lovers and some who love entertainment. Over the time, Amazon has developed all of its products making a huge difference in their quality and contents. These exciting Amazon exclusive products shall help you get smart and even make your surroundings or house smarter, taking you a step ahead of the usual. Keeping you busy with entertainment, books, music and news, it also provides excellent customer services and never lets you down. Lets find the list of best Amazon Exclusive products that are worth your penny.

Top Best-Selling Amazon Exclusive Products:

The exciting products which are listed below are Amazon’s Exclusive Products, lets take a look

1. Amazon Fire Stick - Entertainment is Must

It is an HDMI stick which allows you to connect to your HDTV (to a world full of entertainment). It has a voice search that actually works and is the easiest way to enjoy Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, Netflix, YouTube, Eros Now, Gaana, music, games and more.
It is very easy to set-up by just plugging in the fire stick into your HDTV and connecting its charger into to wall socket and enjoying endless movies and watching live serials and sports.


2. Echo (Includes 1 Year Prime Membership worth ₹999) - Your Voice, Echo's Command

A multi-tasker, it is a hands-free, voice-controlled smart device for your home with a built-in speaker. It provides you with all the information about the weather, news, sports scores, answers questions and also controls your music by just connecting to Alexa (Amazon’s Virtual Assistant) and the best part is that it even helps you make your house smarter as a home assistant. This Amazon’s Exclusive product just has to be plugged into a power source and connected to Wi-Fi with Alexa app for using it. Alexa is the brain behind all these smart speakers and Alexa is smart and getting smarter and adding new features and skills.

2a) Echo Dot

Echo Dot- an amazing product from Amazon, it is a smart speaker which helps you in your day to day busy schedule. A very lightweight product answers your questions about the weather forecast, sports, booking a cab, set alarms and so on.
It has a built-in speaker and even connects to your external speaker via an auxiliary cable. It makes your house a smart house by even controlling your lights. (compatible with Philips, Syska and others)


2b) Amazon Echo

It is an upgrade for the Echo Dot. It has bigger and better speakers and so is the size of it. It has 360° omni-directional audio, and deliver crisp vocals and dynamic bass response. It hears you from any direction, even in a noisy environment or while playing music, thanks to its built-in 7 microphones. The best of all is that it is powered by Dolby, you need not worry about the sound quality.


2c) Echo Plus

A built-in smart speaker with a built-in smart home hub. Its smart home built-in hub makes connecting to compatible smart home devices easy. You can discover compatible devices by just ordering Alexa to discover your devices and it will set up with those devices without any extra apps. Echo Plus also works with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth smart home devices from SYSKA LED, Oakter, TP-Link and more.


2c) Echo Spot

Echo Spot is all new upgraded version of Echo which comprises of a screen. Each day the technology is getting smarter to deliver you the best of time. Echo Spot recognizes your voice and keeps you updated with weather forecast, news bulletins, to-do-lists and many more. Built-in speakers delivers you perfect sound quality which are pleasing to ear. It gets connected with Alexa, to provide you total control of audio, video, light control and more. Wait no more to shop this latest launch in the Echo range.


3. Kindle - A Delight For All the Readers

An instrument for passionate readers and one of the most selling Amazon’s Exclusive product. This is an e-reader with a different feature for readers who are beginners and even who are pro readers. It feels like a book, you can turn pages, feels like reading a paper with its black ink words. It is a compact library, which allows you to even take notes. It improves your vocabulary and even lets you change the language within seconds without a computer. You can even read comic books and never feel like you are without a book. It is a must buy for every reader.

3a) All-New Kindle E-reader

The new Kindle e-reader is lighter and thinner available in two colors black and white. Its touchscreen display reads like real paper being easy on your eyes. No screen glare, even in sunlight. It has a long-lasting battery lasting weeks. it is a compact library for you holding thousands of books. It is the best product for you if you are an avid book reader.


3b) Kindle Paperwhite

A 6-inch high-resolution display with 300 pixels per inch with built-in light is just amazing. You can read all day long and even in dark nights as its built-in light can be controlled.  It is lighter than a paperback and has thousands of books. Just adding the built-in light to it Amazon just took this reader one notch higher.


3c) Kindle Voyage

Having built-in light not enough? this upgrade is just for you. Along with built-in light, this even has adaptive light sensors, choosing best lighting conditions for you. Having 4gb internal storage for you to collect a lot many books it is lighter than the paper white. It even has paper press sensors for your comfort, just so you never miss a word.


3d) All New Kindle Oasis

The larger, the better. A massive 7-inch display without decreasing even a single pixel per inch couldn’t be better. Available in 8gb and 32gb variants just so you can increase your collection of books. It has a built-in light with adaptive light sensors, touch screen with page turn buttons, this one is even waterproof. It is the first waterproof kindle, with a waterproof IPX8 rating, now you can read and relax in even more places, from the bath to the swimming pool.


4. Kindle Powerfast Charger (for Accelerated Charging)- Keep Your Device Charged All Day

For readers who do not want to stay away from their books for long, it is a powerful device to charge up your Kindle in lesser time/to accelerate the charging speed. Made of high-quality plastic and contents. It is durable, powerful and compact which makes it ultra trustable and portable. Exceptionally good product for the love of reading.

  All the above listed Amazon exclusive products are not only great performance wise but also available under perfect and affordable price bracket. Drop us your review in the comments sections and tell us your views on the same.

List of Best Amazon Exclusive Products That Are Worth Buying

Best Amazon Exclusive Products That Are Worth Buying Price
Amazon Fire TV Stick Rs.3,999
Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Gen Smart Assistant Rs.3,499
Amazon Echo Smart Assistant Rs.9,999
Amazon Echo Plus Smart Assistant Rs.11,999
Amazon Echo Spot Smart Assistant Rs.12,999
Kindle E-reader - Black, 6" Glare-Free Touchscreen Display, Wi-Fi Rs.5,999
Kindle Paperwhite with Built-in Light, Wi-Fi Rs.8,249
Kindle Voyage Wifi - 6" High-Resolution Display (300 ppi) with Adaptive Built-in Light and PagePress Sensors Rs.16,499
All New Kindle Oasis, 8 GB, WiFi Rs.21,999
Kindle PowerFast Charger (for Accelerated Charging) Rs.1,199
Best Amazon Exclusive Products That Are Worth Buying
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