Best Green Tea Brands in India

Best Green Tea Brands in India

Best Green Tea Brands in India

All of us have heard about the benefits of Green Tea and day-by-day its use and demand is also increasing and so the confusion with the number of best green tea brands in India. We all know the relation of India with tea, India being the largest consumer of tea and second largest producer of tea there are many varieties of tea available in our country. In India green tea's beginning is elusive, there is no significant documentation of tea industry in pre-colonial India.

Green tea production started in Tamil Nadu in 1961. A number of gardens were identified and selected for the manufacturing of green tea. During the procession of green tea, producers try to retain green colour and chemical make-up of the leaf. With modernization of technology, certain treatments have started like cooking in open pans, the application of dry heat in vessel, dipping in boiling water and exposure of the leaf to free-flowing steam. A lot of the best green tea brands in India are also following the same processing. Well, in 1961 production of green tea started in Tamil Nadu, but today its production has been spread to many parts of our country like West Bengal, Assam, Tripura, Bihar, Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. Today, West Bengal and Assam are the leading green tea producers in our country.

List of Best Green Tea Brands in India:

1. Lipton Green Tea

First name in our list of best green tea brands in India is Lipton Green Tea. This green tea has zero calories and also its next best to water, gives you glowing skin and prevents from heart disease.

2. Tetley Green Tea

Second name in our list is Tetley. Tea is best known for helping during flum and colds, it also has lemon and honey. Starting your day with this tea will make you feel refreshed.

3. Twining Green Tea

It's a blend of green tea leaves and also smooth and refreshing with light golden colour and also it's mild and sencha-style tea; natural source of anti-oxidant.

4. Girnar Detox Green Tea

Contains green tea, black pepper, ginger, tulsi , asafoetida, clove, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg , rock salt and citric acid. Tea is beneficial in bloated stomach, annoying seasonal cough and cold.

5. Typhoo Green Tea

Fifth name in our list of best green tea brands in India is Typhoo. This tea is rich in antioxidants and free from sugar, preservatives and artificial flavouring.

6. Eco Valley Green Tea

This tea is a unique combination of dandelion and mint; dandelion helps in eliminating toxins from body and increase the tone of whole body and mint helps against fatigue and stomach ache.

7. Organic India Green Tea

Tea comes in tea packs- the world's first natural-nitrogen flushed teabags that seals in the freshness of tea better than any other. It's a high-grown organic tea from Darjeeling, tea sounds light and soothing. Ingredients include blanched greens, nuts, sweet pea and legumes.

8. Mantra Organic Green Tea

This tea includes tulsi which helps in controlling stress, migraine and also it helps our cell to access and use more oxygen.

9. Happy Valley Green Tea

Next name which has made in our list of best green tea brands in India is Happy Valley.It is authentic IMO certified organic speciality tea from the footholds of Himalayas. It's a Darjeeling tea, processed with state of the art technology.

10. LaPlant Green Tea

Last name in our list of best green tea brands in India is La Plant green tea. It's a garden-fresh green tea packed in heat-sealed metallized envelopes, this tea contains 100% lemon, mint and ginger flavours, high anti-oxidant which helps in weight loss, anti-aging and metabolism. Tea also has smooth, tangy and spicy taste but not bitter.

Hope we've sorted the best green brands in India for you in the best possible way so that you can pick the one of your choice without giving any second thought.

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List of Best Green Tea Brands in India (July 2019)

Best Green Tea Brands Price in India
Lipton Tulsi Natural Green Tea Rs.145
Lipton Honey Green Tea Rs.422
Tetley Green Tea, Lemon and Honey, 10 Tea Bags Rs.58
Tetley Ginger, Mint & Lemon Green Tea Bags(100 Bags, Box) Rs.319
Twinings Green Tea With Lemon, 10 Tea Bags Rs.92
Twinings TB HS 100S Green Tea Box(200 g) Rs.900
Girnar Green Tea, 10 Tea Bags Rs.80
Girnar Tea Tea Detox / Desi Kahwa (36 Tea Bags) Herbs, Spices Green Tea Bags Box(36 Bags) Rs.325
Typhoo Green Tea, Masala, 20g (10 Tea Bags) Rs.77
Typhoo Uplifting Lemon Grass Green Tea Bags(25 Bags, Box) Rs.156
Price List of Best Green Tea Brands in India, Last Updated on 07 July 2019