Best Herbal Teas In India

Best Herbal Teas In India

Best Herbal Teas In India

A heady aroma, an invigorating palate and flavour that will linger for a while, tea is truly a beverage that gets the country going! Even with so much diversity across the country Tea is one thing that keeps us united. While India had already been growing tea, the Chinese varieties have been added by the British and the recognition of tea as an everyday beverage and the commercialisation of it can be attributed to them. By the 20th century, tea had turned out to be a recreational ritual that defined our mornings, evenings and social gatherings. Today, we are one of the greatest producers of tea. But tea itself as a category has exploded, and now consists of produce from carefully nurtured tea gardens, but types as various as white and oolong. It now also encompasses tisanes which are caffeine-free natural brews that serve up the goodness of spices, roots, vegetation and herbs.

Here is our listing of some of best herbal tea in India that grants the most high-quality chart-topping cups of heart-warming goodness. So, sip it away!

Organic India Tulsi Mulethi

This Organic Tulsi Mulethi Herbal Tea busts stress, helps you feel relaxed, boosts stamina, improves digestion and speeds metabolism. Its magical ingredients are known to have healing properties that boost the immune system, helping you fight pesky illnesses like the common cold. Just dip 1 herbal teabag in 120 ml hot boiling water for one-time use, and repeat 2-3 times daily for maximum benefit.

Best Herbal teas, Organic India Tulsi Mulethi Tea

Goodwyn Chamomile

The Goodwyn Chamomile Tea not only tastes like heaven, it's also packed with benefits for your body and mind. This sweet herbal tea cures sleep disorders like insomnia and helps keep anxiety at bay. The resusable tin box contains dry chamomile petals that you can easily make 25 strong cups with.

Best Herbal teas, Goodwyn Chamomile Tea

Girnar Kahwa Bags

The Girnar Desi Kahwa is the best herbal tea if you're looking for a detox drink. The box contains 36 teabags infused with green tea, black pepper, ginger, tulsi, asafoetida, clove, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, rock salt and citric acid. This is a great solution for seasonal colds and stomach-related ailments.

Best Herbal teas, Girnar Kahwa Bags

Organic India Tulsi Green Tea

Rich in antioxidants and nutrients, Organic India's The Tulsi Green Tea is a herbal tea that helps reduce stress and imparts a whole host of health benefits like increasing stamina and enhancing respiratory function. Keep the box away from direct sunlight and consume 3-4 cups a day for maximum benefit.

Best Herbal teas, Organic India Tulsi Green Tea

Goodwyn Peppermint Tea

The Goodwyn Peppermint Tea is a herbal tea that stands out immediately with its peppermint tag. It tastes great, and relaxes the body and mind while boosting the immune system. The resusable tin box contains 50 g of tea that you can make 25 cups with.

Best Herbal teas, Goodwyn Pepermint tea

The Indian Chai Clarity Caffeine

This Memory Rest Tea is the best herbal tea for your mind. It contains sage tea extracts that have traditionally been known to improve focus and memory, and gotu kola extracts that improve circulation to the brain. It comes in packs of various sizes – from 50g to 1000g – so choose according to your needs.

Best Herbal teas, The Indian Chai

Tea-A-Me Cranberry Tea

The Tea-a-me Tea Pack is cranberry and apple flavoured. The box contains 25 herbal tea bags. If you're looking for a tasty twist on tea, this is what you need to get. Serve it hot or chilled without milk, and sweeten it with sugar or honey.

Best Herbal teas, Tea-A-Me Cranberry tea

The Indian Chai Ayurvedic Detox

The Ayurvedic Detox Tea Ayurvedic Detox tea is a great herbal tea for flushing out toxins from your body. Its mixture of unique herbs benefits your kidney and liver and normalizes blood pressure levels, while reliving you of stress. Contains Cinnamon, Asafoedita, Coriander Seed, Fennel Seed, Cumin Seed, Turmeric and Cardamom extracts.

Best Herbal teas, The Indian Chai

Teatox Ashwagandha Antioxidant Tea

The Teatox Life Tulsi Green Tea contains an antioxidant blend of amla, ashwagandha and other immunity-boosting ingredients. Drink this for flu and cold relief, or for keeping your metabolism in check. This herbal tea is free from synthetic ingredients, preservatives and artificial flavours.

Best Herbal teas,Teatox Ashwagandha Tea

Kayos Detox Tea

Sourced from Assam, this Kayos Infusion Tea is a 100% herbal tea that contains mint and lemon grass for immediate stress relief. Take it daily post-work to flush out toxins and keep your mind and your body happy.

Best Herbal teas, Kayos Detox Tea

Best Herbal Teas In India

Best Herbal Teas Price in India
Organic India Tulsi Mulethi Tulsi Herbal Infusion Bags(25 Bags, Box) Rs.272
Organic India Tulsi Mulethi, 25 Tea Bags Rs.132
Goodwyn Chamomile Herbal Stress Relief Tea, 50 Grams, Makes 25 Cups Chamomile Herbal Infusion(50 g, Box) Rs.474
Goodwyn Chamomile Herbal Stress Relief Tea, 20 Tea Bags Rs.171
Girnar Green Tea, Desi Kahwa, 36 Tea Bags Rs.310
Girnar Tea Tea Detox / Desi Kahwa (36 Tea Bags) Herbs, Spices Green Tea Bags(36 Bags, Box) Rs.328
Organic India The Tulsi Green Tea, 100g Rs.185
Organic India Tulsi Green - 100g Tin Infusion Tea(100 g, Bag) Rs.230
Goodwyn Peppermint Tea, Herbal Infusion, 50 Grams, Makes 25 Cups Herbal Tea(50 g, Box) Rs.474
Goodwyn Peppermint Tea, Herbal Tea to Refresh and Rejuvenate, 20 Tea Bags Rs.153
Price List of Best Herbal Teas In India, Last Updated on 22 May 2019