Cool Winter Gadgets To Stay Warm In A Freezing Office!

Cool Winter Gadgets To Stay Warm In A Freezing Office!

Cool Winter Gadgets to Help You Escape the Chilly Weather at Office

One of the saddest things about working after college is that, now you won't be getting winter breaks. Here we will be sharing some really cool winter gadgets that will help you keep your cubical warm and escape the chilly weather creating a comfortable work environment. Accessorizing your cubical with some winter gadgets that are quite friendly props can certainly help you escape the chilly weather at the office. Finding the perfect winter gadgets that might help you keep warm even in the chilliest weather isn't an easy task. Oil filled heaters can be a good option but since they are heavy it isn't feasible to port them. Bundle up and get these tech accessories for your office space. Having a few warm gadgets on your desk or office cubical will enhance your productivity even in a cold & grey weather.

Top Picks for the Best Winter Gadgets.

E-Tip Gloves

The e-tip gloves are tech friendly gloves that are touchscreen compatible. The four way stretch of the gloves help it fit properly and keep your hand warm at the same time they do not create any hindrance in your work, which certainly makes them one of the coolest winter gadgets to have. These touchscreen compatible gloves are best for people who use two wheelers, or public transport to commute.

Heated Insoles

Heated insoles are the best gadgets for people who are fed-up of cold feet. These wireless remote controlled insoles help in keeping the feet warm to the perfect temperature, so that they do not over heat and cause sweating. The heat can be turned on or off as per your needs. Made from breathable polyurethane foam these insoles have the ability to conduct heat efficiently, making them yet another essential winter gadgets.

Heating Socks

When it comes to keeping your feet warm a number of options are available in the market that would help you keep your feet toasty warm. All you need to do is to follow the cleaning instructions of these heating socks for their long and effective life. The best heated socks should always be air dried to avoid short circuits in the socks when they are put in washing machine. Wearing these socks in the office will avoid the chilly cold breeze to pass through your feet even when you are riding a bike or simply sitting on your office desk.

Hand Warmer Mouse Pad

Sometimes during long computing sessions at the office, the hand on the mouse might get a little cold and numb. These USB heated hand warmer mouse pads are the perfect thing to escape from such a situation without hampering your work. These warm mouse pads get heated via USB, in some of these best winter gadgets the temperature can be controlled as per the user's need.

Mini Space Heater

When the outdoor temperature falls and your sweaters and jackets fail to provide you the warmth that you have been looking for in your office, then these mini space heaters might be of some use to you. To cope with the chilled work space, these mini space heaters can easily dwell under your cubical and provide you the required warmth in the office too.

Mug Warmer

A hot cup of coffee or tea is all that we need to keep ourselves going through the day in winters. However sometimes it may happen that due to some urgent work we might miss on a cup of hot coffee. Do not worry, these mug warmer will connect to the USB and heat up the coffee mug as and when required.

Earmuff Headphones

Earmuffs allow you to keep yourself warm whilst listening to music. These headphones are fashionable white coloured gadget that looks fashionable. These headphones have great sound quality as well so that you don't have to compromise on the sound in order to keep your ears warm.

Hand Warmer

Hands are that part of the body which is mostly exposed to the cold weather. You can cover your entire body but keeping your hands covered all the time will become a hindrance in your regular activities. These hand held warmers are mostly operated by USB. These gadgets are to be connected to a USB and they will automatically start to heat up your palm when you hold them.

USB Heated Shawls

If your office remains cold all day long then we have the solution to your problem, these USB heated shawls have to be simply plugged in to the USB port of laptop or desktop and place it around your shoulders or lap and you can keep working without any hassle. These shawls even have a button to control the amount of heat the user requires.

Electric Hot Bag

Electric hot water heating pad with hand pockets makes this product quite useful as it is safe to use indoors as well as outdoors. Unlike the conventional rubber hot water bags, heating gel pads can be used for a longer period of time. These gel pads are shockproof and can easily be ported to your office.

Warmee Body & Hand warmers Heat Pouch

Warmee is a handy self-heating pouch that is capable of providing instant heat. The users simply have to open the pouch shake it and keep it in some enclosed region. You can dispose of the pouch after use. It does not require any source of energy and occupies very less space, so it becomes quite convenient for you to carry it to your office, making it an essential winter gadgets in chilly weather.

Nikavi Balaclava Mask Face Ski Neck Muff Full Winter Cap

This thermal face mask can be put to multiple usages. It can be used to cover the nose, ears, and head as well. This provides the perfect warmth that one requires inside a chilly office or while traveling to the office.


The winter months at offices are no exception to the air conditioning rules. Even if the temperature outside is freezing, the office air conditioners remain in operation, so to help you stay warm and thawed we have found some of the coolest winter gadgets try them and give us your feedback in the ‘Write Your Review' section mentioned below.

Cool Winter Gadgets To Stay Warm In A Freezing Office!
Product Price
Medium : ThermaCELL ThermaCELL Original Heated Insoles Rs.16,935
Generic Gray : 5V USB Charge Electric Heating Socks Long-lasting Warm Socks Rapid Heated Hosiery winter stocking for Chronically Cold feet Rs.6,002
Qawachh Heating Socks Heating Pad Rs.3,999
Mily Popular Underpower USB Heated Mouse Pad Cute USB Mouse Hand Warmer with Wristguard Pink Pink Fox Rs.4,905
Honeywell HCE100 Heat Bud Ceramic Portable-Mini Heater, Black by Kaz Rs.6,203
GeekGoodies Plastic Donut Cup Warmer USB Hot Drinks Coffee (Multicolour, 10.8 x 10.5cm ) Rs.950
Sadarbazaarsales.Com 12 V Car Hot Insulated Travel Electric Kettle Carbon Steel Mug(550 ml) Rs.638
SPORTO Earmuff Headphones WHITE Cable Knit with Faux Fur and detachable wire headphones Rs.3,916
Handwarmer with Smartphone Recharge Rs.6,414
USB Heated Shawl and Lap Blanket - Blue Color - USB Heated Throw Perfect Alternative to a Mini Office Desk Heater Rs.4,772
Cool Winter Gadgets To Stay Warm In A Freezing Office!
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