Five Automatic Bathroom Gadgets that are Unique, Trendy & Fun

Uplift your Bathroom experience with these fabulous fun to have bathroom gadgets. These cool gadgets not only will add fun to your bathroom space but will also ease out a lot of stuff for you.
Five Automatic Bathroom Gadgets that are Unique, Trendy & Fun

Unique trendy fun Bathroom Gadgets you must add to your space!

All of us spend a varied proportion of time in the bathroom, be it nature’s call or a relaxing hot water bath. If you are one of those who spends a little more time in the bathroom than really required, you will be pleased to know that your bathing experience can now be fun with these simple gadgets attached to your bathroom. If you wish to overhaul your washroom here is a list of top 5 bathroom gadgets that can give you bathroom a complete makeover, these will improve your bathroom giving it a futuristic look.



The dual chamber soap, shampoo, conditioner dispenser is one of the most elegant things you can get installed in your bathroom, giving it an aristocratic look. It’s tough, maintenance free structure and robust body makes sure it lasts long in your bathroom. The transparent body makes it quite easy to locate the soap and shampoo level in the dispenser.


A toothpaste dispenser in the bathroom can be a great aid. It ensures proper organization and gives your bathroom a classy look.  It releases the toothpaste on the push of a button. If you have this wonder gadget installed in your bathroom you will be free from opening, squeezing and measuring the toothpaste. It is designed in such a manner that it can easily be mounted on the glass, tiled to the wall or can simply be placed on the counter surface.


Motion sensing lighting has brought a revolution in the lighting sector. This auto motion sensing device is embedded with sophisticated sensors that automatically sense the amount of light and nearby human activity. The light turns on automatically if it senses darkness and any sort of human activity in the range of 8 to 10 feets. Once the sensor senses that there has been no activity in past 30 seconds it turns off automatically. Thus if you have elderly people or tiny toddlers this is a must have product for your bathroom to ensure their safety.


Unlike the other showers in the same category, the air turbo boost feature enabled shower does not require batteries to run. The LED’s are maintained by running water also its unique air turbine design gives a high-pressure shower. The light colour changes with the change in the temperature of the water.


The toilet night light is a motion activated light that is it turns on and off on human sensation so once you enter the bathroom it will turn on and after you leave it will automatically turn off. This product is water resistant and easy to clean. This motion light sensor leads you to the right spot without getting bumped into anything in the dark. It is operated by the set of three AAA batteries which are easily replaceable.
Five Automatic Bathroom Gadgets that are Unique, Trendy & Fun
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