Licious: One-stop Fresh Meat Shopping Destination, Bring Fresh To Cook Tasty!

Licious: One-stop Fresh Meat Shopping Destination, Bring Fresh To Cook Tasty!

Shop Fresh Meat Online On Licious!

Licious has arrived as one-stop fresh meat shopping destination for those who were striving hard to find fresh meat and sea-food but couldn't find a place to shop it online. Licious has come like a blessing for those who're big meat-lovers and loves to eat fresh. Licious is one stop shopping destination for all the non-vegetarians who loves to cook and eat fresh non-veg dishes like butter chicken, biryani, kema kebab, chicken curry, fish fry, and more. At Licious, you can explore across various categories like Chicken, Red Meat, Fish and Seafood, Marinades, Cold cuts, Eggs, Exotic Meats, Spreads and pickles.

Now Marinades is something new which will entice your taste buds to satiate your hunger. Under this you can find Indo-Chinese Lollipops, Chilli Garlic Fish, Habanero Chicken Wings, Sichuan Chilli Chicken and more. In addition to all this, you can also order for IFTAR Platters to satiate your hunger during Ramadan 2018.

Why to Shop From Licious?

At Licious, every single product is handpicked by a specialized team that has years of experience. For any meat to fresh and juicy, its stored at at a temperature between 0° and 5°C, which basically helps in retaining its original taste. Not only this, team Licious maintain this temperature even at the time of cleaning, cutting and storing it in the storage and this is maintained under until the meat leaves for delivery to complete your order to reach your doorstep.

Save More With Licious:

Mostly when purchasing meat, shopkeepers first weigh the meat, then they clean, cut up the pieces, and throw out waste which are of no eating purpose. And as the results, what you take home weights lesser than that you've paid. At Licious, its just the opposite case. Licious charges you only for what your ordered, which is actually great! While shopping fresh meat at Licious, you actually bid the actual deal which brings you great and juicy non-veg dish on plate, which you craved for since long.

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