Top 10 Popular Patanjali Products That Promise to Change Your Life, List of the Must Buy Patanjali Products

Top 10 Popular Patanjali Products That Promise to Change Your Life, List of the Must Buy Patanjali Products

10 Handpicked Most Popular Patanjali Products You Must Buy!

Swami Baba Ramdev is known for popularising yoga among Indians through his mass yoga camps and Ayurvedic health, skin, hair and food products. Patanjali products are manufactured by Divya pharmacy, they produces daily use products including, ghee, atta, juices, oils, cooking oil, shampoo, cream and so on. Food products are mainly produced for weight loss, boosting digestion and controlling blood level, and skin care products for clear, glowing skin. Patanjali products have no side effects and you can buy them at affordable prices. These products are 100% natural and herbal, prepared by natural ingredients.

We Have Compiled A List Of The Best Patanjali Food Products Here –

1) Patanjali Ghee

Patanjali cow ghee not only fulfills the daily requirement for fat, also give your body nutritional and medicinal values. This ghee is advantageous for your whole family as it helps in fighting insomnia, has curative and healing properties.  This desi ghee is made from milk fat from cow’s milk.

2) Patanjali Whole Wheat Atta

This atta is rich in carbohydrates and helps in digestion. It is wholesome flour as it uses whole grain, which is rich in antioxidants that improves digestion and lowers the risk of diabetes. This atta is 100% organic, with no pesticides or chemicals included. It act as an effective laxative, also rich in magnesium and helps in keeping gastrointestinal function normal.

3) Patanjali Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera juice is good for health, it is also useful in acidity, gas, digestion problem, joint pain and many more. Aloe Vera is good for skin and body, as it helps in detoxification, weight loss, diabetes, hair burn etc. Drink aloe vera juice before you sleep it can do wonders while you are sleeping.

4) Kalpamrit Amla Juice

Gooseberry or Amla juice is full of nutrients, provides not only essential minerals and vitamins to your body, but also helps in preventing and managing most common, widespread diseases. Amla is rich in Vitamin C thus it helps in slowing down ageing process, metabolism, prevents viral and supports& boost immune system.

5) Patanjali Oats

Patanjali oats is a healthy everyday breakfast made from premium quality natural ingredients without any artificial flavouring. These Oats are rich in fibre and iron, which is good for balancing body weight and cholesterol. Patanjali Oats comes in many different tasty flavours without any added chemicals.

6) Patanjali Mix Fruit juice

Patanjali mix fruit juice taste same as other brand juices, it is full of nutrients without any added preservative or saturated fats. After opening the pack the juice will not sour like other juices, it is healthy for whole family. Patanjali has a wide range of different tasty flavours including litchi, apple, orange and so on.

7) Patanjali Salt

Baba Ramdev salt enhances the taste in the food and it is widely used in the preparation of every cuisine for a flavour and delightfulness. It is rich in iron and iodine which helps in curing sour throat and improving mental and physical growth. This salt can be used in preparation of almost all dishes, vegetables and salad.

8) Patanjali Mustard Oil

Mustard Oil in India is daily used in the kitchens for preparing tasty dishes and pickles. This mustard oil is made from mustard seeds and free from argemone oil. It smells like fresh mustard seeds, aroma of this oil is very strong which makes you feel hungry.

9) Patanjali Dal

Dals are very commonly used in the Indian cuisine. It is hard to find an Indian household that does not stock up different types dals. Patanjali has wide range of dal, Arhar dal, masoor dal, chana dal, moong dal and mix dal. These pulses are rich in protein and vitamins each dal has its own nutritional values.

10) Patanjali Sampoorn Traditional Basmati Rice

Patanjali rice is procured from foothills of Himalayas and states like Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Uttarakhand. These basmati rice grains are long and slender with tempting taste, mouth- watering aroma and fluffy texture that you want to eat with every dish and vegetable.

Try out these amazing Patanjali products of daily use that are made of natural ingredients without any added preservatives. The food, hair and skin care products of patanjali has wide range with lots of vitamins that are beneficial to your body.

Top 10 Popular Patanjali Products That Promise to Change Your Life, List of the Must Buy Patanjali Products
Product Price
Patanjali Cow Ghee Rs.254
Patanjali Whole Wheat Atta Rs.269
Patanjali Aloevera Juice Fiber Rs.200
Patanjali Maharshi Parivaar Amla Juice Rs.110
Patanjali Oats Rs.32
Patanjali Mix Fruit Juice Rs.85
Patanjali Salt Rs.12
Patanjali Mustard Oil Rs.125
Patanjali Arhar Dal Rs.115
Patanjali Sampoorn Basmati Rice Rs.892
Top 10 Popular Patanjali Products That Promise to Change Your Life, List of the Must Buy Patanjali Products
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