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Encyclopedias For Kids: Flipping The Pages From Planet Earth's Tale

Encyclopedias are a treasure trove of in-depth knowledge about everything surrounding us. Penned down by experts and scholars from various fields, they ensure an accurate portrayal of facts. Surprise your little ones with the given encyclopedias that'll respond well to their inquisitive nature.
Updated: Nov 20, 2020 20:58 IST
Encyclopedias For Kids: Flipping The Pages From Planet Earth's Tale
Encyclopedias present accurate and in-depth information on a myriad of topics

Inquisitiveness and curiosity come naturally to young minds. As these young explorers aspire to uncover the mysteries surrounding us, it is important to present correct and verified facts to their impressionable minds; and nothing can be better than an encyclopedia for the said purpose. Not only are encyclopedias a treasure trove of in-depth knowledge on various subjects, but they are also verified by experts and scholars from various fields, assuring the accuracy of facts. Additionally, the visual representations and systematic organisation and presentation of information lure the young minds. Find some of the best encyclopedias for your kids in the listicle below and help them uncover the secrets of our universe. 

Informative Encyclopedias For Kids 

1. 5000 Awesome Facts (About Everything) by National Geographic Kids

Encyclopedias are undoubtedly the treasure troves of information and secrets about various mysteries surrounding us. They often come in handy in catering to the inquisitive young minds. This informative encyclopedia by National Geographic also brings a plethora of interesting facts from various walks of life from food, technology, history, sports, toys and literature to the animal kingdom! It is filled with attractive photographs and illustrations, and presents the information in a fun to read manner.

Fun To Read
5,000 Awesome Facts (About Everything!) (National Geographic Kids)
(9,602 ratings)
₹ 1,295
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Includes Fascinating Photographs On The Subject

This funtastic book comes with fascinating insights into a myriad of topics, accompanied by attractive photographs and illustrations. The easily understandable language and a lucid flow of information add a cherry to the cake!

2. Children's Illustrated Encyclopedia

If you aren't sure about the encyclopedia that'll be perfect for your kids, surprise them with this one that is no less than a cocktail of quirky and intriguing facts from various subjects. From fascinating tales from the glorious bygone days to the advancements in science and technology, this one brings it all. Filled with attractive illustration, the book is no less than a visual kaleidoscope giving a sneak peek into the world around. It is a must-have for kids' personal library.

Diverse Topics
Encyclopedia: Children's Illustrated Encyclopedia
(39 ratings)
₹ 875
₹ 1,250 (30% off)
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Includes Interesting Facts From Varying Subjects

Answer the inquisitive mind of your young one with this informative encyclopedia that gives a detailed account of almost everything under the sky, and even beyond it! Heavily illustrated, the book is also an eye candy for kids.

3. Children's Encyclopedia – Scientists, Inventions And Discoveries

Learning science in the early years of education comes along with a plethora of benefits ranging from the familiarity with the subject and academic support to the development of crucial skills including problem-solving and logical reasoning. The scientific principles and explanations also help the young minds in making a sense of the world around them and gaining some understanding of how things work. This encyclopedia, in particular, includes information about major scientific discoveries, breakthroughs, brain-teasing exercises and an insight into the lives of major scientists in the history of science.

Science Special
Children's Encyclopedia - Scientists, Inventions And Discoveries: The World of Knowledge
(651 ratings)
₹ 166
₹ 195 (15% off)
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Simple Language And Informative Diagrams And Illustrations

Curiosity, the fueling fire for science, comes naturally to kids. Present to their inquisitive minds a slice of science and its mysterious and intriguing world with this highly informative and kids-friendly encyclopedia.

4. My First Encyclopedia: A Wealth of Knowledge at Your Fingertips

Divided into various exciting themes, this gripping encyclopedia is no less than a prism giving a sneak peek of everything interesting and unique going on around us. Designed especially for young children, the encyclopedia incorporates easy language and attractive illustrations, enough to catch hold of kids' curiosity. The entries have been presented clearly making the encyclopedia easily understandable even without adult supervision. Filled with various interesting puzzles, exercises and games, the book creates a dialogue of sorts and makes learning a lot of fun.

My First Encyclopedia (DKYR): A Wealth of Knowledge at Your Fingertips Amazon Deal
My First Encyclopedia (DKYR): A Wealth of Knowledge at Your Fingertips
(492 ratings)
₹ 210
₹ 299 (30% off)
Buy on Amazon
Includes Facts As Well As Learning Tools Like Puzzle

Create a dialogue between your kid and the intriguing facts enveloping humanity with this gripping read that contains detailed information on a variety of themes. Accompanied by several puzzles and exercises, the encyclopedia puts on the platter many a food for thought!

5. Amazing Questions and Answers: Nature

Have you ever thought how do the mosquitoes choose their victims or how does the wind blow? Or has the intriguing capacity of snakes to swim despite the absence of arms and legs crossed your mind? Find answers to many such interesting questions from nature in a fun and easy-to-understand questionnaire format. The book also brings to focus the sensitivity towards the environment, challenges and threats faced by it and simple and yet effective steps in cutting our carbon footprint and contributing to nature and environment.

Questionnaire Format
Encyclopedia: Amazing Questions & Answers Nature
(8 ratings)
₹ 139
₹ 199 (30% off)
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Answers Interesting And Brain-Scratching Questions On Nature

Introduce your kids to the mysteries of nature and environment with this encyclopedia that presents before the young minds interesting facts in the form of an interesting questionnaire. Not only does it raises environmental awareness but also gives a sneak into various challenges.

Benefits Of Encyclopedia

  • It gives in-depth knowledge on various subjects. 

  • Verified by experts and scholars, the information is credible and accurate. 

  • Often accompanied by illustrations and graphics, they make learning fun. 

  • They help the students with their academic projects, assignments and research.  

  • Having a systematic method of organization, they allow the users to research effectively. 

Encyclopedias For Kids: Flipping The Pages From Planet Earth's Tale

Product Price in India
5,000 Awesome Facts (About Everything!) (National Geographic Kids) ₹ 1,295
Encyclopedia: Children's Illustrated Encyclopedia ₹ 875
Children's Encyclopedia - Scientists, Inventions And Discoveries: The World of Knowledge ₹ 166
My First Encyclopedia (DKYR): A Wealth of Knowledge at Your Fingertips ₹ 210
Encyclopedia: Amazing Questions & Answers Nature ₹ 139
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