Looking For: McDonald Near Me? Explore These Places That Serve The Best Burgers in Delhi Apart From McDonalds

Missing McDonald already? With No McDonald now near you it's heart breaking but we have some great options for you listed here.
Updated: Dec 30, 2019 15:21 IST
Looking For: McDonald Near Me? Explore These Places That Serve The Best Burgers in Delhi Apart From McDonalds
Best Burger Joints in Delhi

McDonald outlets closure news came as a nightmare to many junk food lovers as they used to serve wide range of cheapest burgers in the town but definitely not the best ones. When you crave for a bite of a juicy burger, crispy fries and chilled cold drink, you indeed need the best to fully satisfy your cravings. With McDonalds shutting 169 outlets across India we are sure the McDonald outlet near you is also shut. So many of us are going to be hunting for those juicy delicious burgers.Well while searching for the best burgers in Delhi you need not think too much about the expenses because price cannot be the barrier when you are craving for food.

if you have been searching for McDonald near you and the best of the McDonald Coupons to avail at any McDonald Delhi outlet we have some better options for you. Worried about, 'How and where to satiate your burger cravings now?', then let us find you some places that serve delicious burgers in Delhi. Gear up and bookmark these for your upcoming burger visits, and the list begins:

Read more about the McDonald Outlets closure here!

List Of The Best Burgers In Delhi:

1. Monkey Bar- Vasant Kunj, CP:

With no McDonald Near you, Monkey Bar is a place where you can entice your taste buds with American,Asian,European, North Indian cuisines. At Monkey bar, you can find around 10 types of lip-smacking burgers that can surely help satiate your burger cravings. Burgers here are loaded with bacon, lettuce, onion, tomato, and swiss cheese, which makes it top the charts for the best burgers in Delhi.

2. Hard Rock Cafe DLF Place Saket, DLF Cyber Hub:

You might have visited Hard Rock Cafe; a number of times, but the question that arises is- 'How many times, did your order a burger?' Never, Right? Do try ordering one on your next visit. They have a range of 9 heavy duty burgers but out of all the Original Legendary Burger could be your savior for your burger cravings, as it has medium patty, bacon, golden fried onion rings, cheddar cheese, crisp lettuce and tomato wrapped under slightly roasted buns. These are the best burgers in Gurgaon we promise you. Try them right away.

3. Burger Singh

Burger Singh is that one place where you can find desi flavours within the international buns. Indians who are fond of spicy patties and roasted buns should try out the burgers here as they serve the best burgers in Delhi that can satiate your North Indian taste buds. Here you can find an array of burgers be it veg, chicken, lamb or fish. You can also opt for 'Shahi burgers' and entice your hunger with some delectable burgers.

4. Barcelos - Khan Market :

Barcelos is Portuguese joints that have managed to make their Portugal flavours reach the minds and flavour buds of Indians. They are known for colourful burgers, as black burger, red burger and now the white burgers have made the headline among the burger lovers. If the colours do not attract you then the Portugal and Lebanese flavours will surely help you end your burger cravings.

5. Fork You-Hauz Khas Village:

Fork You is that place where you can "Make Your Own Burgers" with the choicest ingredients. Here you can find the best of the best burgers in Delhi as its menu provides you with 16 varieties that can entice your desi taste buds. Also, you can try the peach ice tea which they serve, it's not only superb but also provides great relief in this burning hot summer season.

Do try out these restaurants to entice your taste buds with the best burgers in Delhi. Drop us your feedback below in the comments sections and tell us how you found out these.

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