Holi 2018: Protect Your Skin and Hair from Harmful Colors with These Useful Tips

While celebrating Holi, take a note of useful tips that shall help you protect your skin and hair from harmful colours. Get ready to play Holi 2018 with utmost precautions so as to shine and look flawless.
Holi 2018: Protect Your Skin and Hair from Harmful Colors with These Useful Tips

This Holi 2018, Protect Your Skin and Hair from Harmful Colours with These Useful Tips

Holi, the popular Hindu festival of colors, is just around the corner and its excitement is at just another level. Traditionally, flowers were used to make colors but eventually with time they have been replaced with artificial colors. These synthetic colors contain harmful chemicals, metals, acid, mica, glass powder and hazardous alkalis etc. Playing Holi with such harmful colors can result in itching, dryness, erosion of skin and eczema and other harmful effects. In fact, even our hair gets damaged and develops more split ends as after effects of drenching in Holi colours.

So here we are bringing to you some of the tips that will help you protect your hair and skin during this Holi.

Take a Note Of Useful Tips Protect Your Skin and Hair This Holi 2018

This Holi 2018, make sure you protect your skin and hair with these useful tips. Sit calm and take a note.

1. Oiling Can Protect Your Skin

Before exposing your skin to the colors make sure that you have applied oil onto your skin. Applying oil on your skin is very much necessary because it not only keeps your skin hydrated but also protects it from the harmful reactions that the colors can do on your skin. All you need to do is take ample amount of oil (coconut oil or mustard oil is recommended), and massage it all over your body for round 5 minutes. Also, do not forget to apply oil between your toes, behind your ears and around your nails.

2. Add another layer of Protection with Sunscreen

If you think that just applying oil is going to protect your skin during the festival of Holi, then let me tell you my friends that you are wrong. Playing Holi not only involves exposure to the colors but also hours of being under the sun. So, it is recommended to apply waterproof sunscreen before stepping out. This will protect your skin from tanning and other damaging effects of the sun or the colors. All you have to do is apply the waterproof sunscreen 20 minutes before you head out.

3. Apply Thick Coat of Nail Paint

Protecting your nails is also an important thing to be done. It is always advisable to apply thick coat of nail paint before you move out for playing Holi, preferably the darkest colors possible so as to avoid your nails from being damaged or colored. Also, as soon as you are done playing Holi, remove the nail paint so that there are no remains left, of the color, on your nails.

4. Protect Your Cuts and Wounds, if any

If you have cuts or wounds of any sort on your body, make sure you use a band-aid to protect the wound and avoid the entry or absorption of any harmful chemicals. If you hurt yourself while playing Holi, do not neglect it at any case. Wash the area immediately and put ice on it. Also, clean it with an anti-bacterial lotion to avoid any kind of absorption of the chemicals and do not forget to get a tetanus injection if you haven’t gotten one in the past 4-5 months. All the above measures are to be taken in order to avoid any sort of infection to the cuts or wounds on your body.

5. Drench Your Hair in Hair Oil and Hold Them In a Bun

You hair is equally affected by the colors and needs equal attention just like the skin. So, drench your hair with ample amount of hair oil and tie them into a high bun. The best is to use coconut oil on your hair and scalp. It is advisable to massage the hair oil on your scalp and hair atleast half an hour prior to going out for playing Holi. This way the oil will be absorbed by your hair and scalp and the colors won’t cause much of the damage to them.

6. Cover Your Head With A Scarf

Mere application of hair oil is not enough to protect your hair from the damage that the Holi colors can cause to your hair. So, it is always advisable to also cover your head with a scarf after you are done applying hair oil on them. Make sure that you cover your with a scarf in such a way that no part of your head is exposed and it is completely protected from colors.

7. Do Not Ignore Your Lips

Just like the hair and skin, the harmful chemicals in the colors being used for playing Holi can also be harmful for your lips. It can make your lips dry and chapped. In order to avoid this and protect your lips from getting dry, apply moisturizing lip balm or petroleum jelly on your lips. You can also use shea butter for the same purpose. Apply a thick layer of lip balm or petroleum jelly on your lips and keep them not just moisturized but also protected from the harmful chemicals of the colors.

8. Incorporate Usage of Herbal and Organic Colours to Play Holi

This Holi, use herbal and organic colors to play Holi because use of synthetic colors can cause hideous affects on your skin and hair. Nowadays it is very difficult to differentiate between natural colors and harmful chemical colors, so make sure that you either buy herbal colors or else make colors at home from different kinds of flowers. Because obviously you wouldn’t want to damage both your own skin and hair or of anyone of your guests.

9. Do Not Bask on Sun for Too Long

It is always advisable that once you are covered with layers of colors on your body, try to avoid sun exposure as much as possible. This is because the rays of the sun intensify the colors which make it even more difficult to get rid of them from the skin. So, once you are done playing Holi, make sure you sit under a shade and avoid sun exposure.

10. Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is very important, especially during the festival of Holi which involves a lot of playing and running around. Another reason to stay hydrated is that while playing Holi you are under the sun for a really long time which can result into sweating, this leading to dehydration. In order to avoid such circumstances, drink water as much as possible and keep yourself hydrated throughout to keep your energy levels high.

11. Take A Bath When You’re Wet

If you are playing wet Holi, make sure that take a bath while you are wet and haven’t dried up because once you dry up the wet color on your skin will also dry up thus absorbing into the skin which can be harmful for your skin. Also, avoid using scrubs or exfoliators on your body or face as it can be very harsh on your skin. Avoid using soaps or face-wash as they are alkaline in nature and will dry your skin. Rather treat your skin with try homemade ubtans such as a mix of besan, curd, turmeric and honey to clean your body and face.

So this Holi 2018, wear something that covers your skin and protects it from side-effects of the harmful chemicals. Make sure you follow these tips, take all the necessary precautions and have a safe and fun-filled Holi without hampering your skin or hair in any way.
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