Best Atta Noodles

Noodles are so finger licking good and you cant resist them but to avoid health hazards you definetly can shift to a better option - Atta noodles, pick from these best atta noodles available online.
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By: Hotdeals360 Staff Updated: Apr 08, 2020 12:55 IST
Best Atta Noodles
Best Atta Noodles

Noodles these days are a fad as they can be cooked fast and enjoyed as a meal. But along with delicious taste and flavours, most of the noodles bring along a number of health issues. The major ingredient of regular noodles is ‘Maida' or refined flour, which is considered to be quite harmful for our digestive system. Thus most of the parents don't allow their children to have noodles. However there is some good news for parents and for children, atta noodles are now emerging as a great alternative to regular noodles. Thus today we will be telling you about some of the best Atta noodles and their key ingredients.

Best Atta Noodles

1. Maggi Atta Noodles

Our all time favourite Maggi noodles now comes loaded with the goodness of atta. This atta noodles can be consumed as an evening snack. The new Maggi Masala is a combination of 20 Indian herbs and spices that add flavour to your bowl of atta noodles.

  • Wheat Flour
  • Palm Oil
  • Iodised Salt
  • Thickeners
  • Humectants
  • Acidity Regulator
  • Magic Masala containing mixed spices
First Choice
MAGGI NUTRI-LICIOUS Masala Veg Atta Noodles – (Pack of 4) 290g Pouch Amazon Deal

MAGGI NUTRI-LICIOUS Masala Veg Atta Noodles – (Pack of 4) 290g Pouch

₹ 77
₹ 86 (10% off)
Buy on MAGGI NUTRI-LICIOUS Masala Veg Atta Noodles – (Pack of 4) 290g Pouch Amazon Rs. 77.00

2. Patanjali Atta Noodles

Patanjali is a brand that has always been inspiring us to use Indian products. Patanjali atta noodles are a healthier alternative to refined flour noodles. This one of the best atta noodles has a mouth watering taste and is not as harmful for health as the regular noodles. Like other noodles this Patanjali atta noodles too can be cooked in no time.

  • Whole Wheat Flour
  • Refined wheat Flour
  • Edible Rice Bran Oil
  • Iodised Salt
  • Minerals
  • Xanthan Gum
  • Seasoning Spices- Contains mixed herbs and spices

3. Top Ramen Atta Noodles

Top Ramen happens to be one of the oldest noodle brands in the country. It is considered to be a pioneer in introducing Chinese cuisine especially noodles in the country. With the changing trends the brand has also made a huge shift in its flavours and taste. Atta noodles from Top Ramen, is considered to be one of the best atta noodles with reduced risks of health hazards.

  • Whole Wheat Flour
  • Edible Vegetable Oil
  • Iodised Salt
  • Acidity Regulator
  • Seasoning Mix- Contained mixed spices
Slurrpy and Delicious
Top Ramen Noodles, Atta, 280g Amazon Deal

Top Ramen Noodles, Atta, 280g

₹ 76
₹ 80 (5% off)
Buy on Top Ramen Noodles, Atta, 280g Amazon Rs. 76.00

Bring home one of these best atta noodles and treat your kids with the best in class flavours and taste.

List of Best Atta Noodles

Best Atta Noodles Price in India
MAGGI NUTRI-LICIOUS Masala Veg Atta Noodles – (Pack of 4) 290g Pouch ₹ 77
Top Ramen Noodles, Atta, 280g ₹ 76
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