Airtel Joins The Race: Launches Unlimited Broadband Plans After Jio

Airtel has announced unlimited broadband plans starting from as low as Rs.499, some of which even offer access to OTT plans. The announcement comes within a week of Jio's rolling off of unlimited broadband plans.
Vaibhavi Mishra
By: Vaibhavi Mishra Updated: Sep 07, 2020 18:30 IST
Airtel Joins The Race: Launches Unlimited Broadband Plans After Jio
Airtel's announcement comes within a week after Jio Fiber launched its "unlimited" broadband plans

“Unlimited” high-speed internet and calling, access to popular OTT platforms, stock of more than 450 TV channels and an efficient set-top-box- Airtel is leaving no stone unturned to satisfy its customers. Within a week after JioFiber announced its trending broadband plans, with “no-condition” 30-day trial period, Airtel has joined the league.

The Airtel Xstream broadband service has unrolled seven unlimited monthly broadband plans starting from Rs.499 touted for up to 40Mbps. Other six plans are priced at Rs.799, Rs.999, Rs.1,499, and Rs.3,999 and offer 100Mbps, 200 Mbps, 300Mps, and 1Gbps internet speeds respectively. Airtel has claimed access to “unlimited” high-speed data, along with all these plans. The last three plans even include access to popular OTT platforms- Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar, and Zee5. As per official data, the data usage limit has been upped by 23% to 3,500GB.

These plans are remarkably similar to the ones announced by JioFiber, which were slated for Rs.399, Rs.699, Rs.999, Rs.1,499, Rs.2,499, Rs.3,499, and Rs.8,499. Jio, however, offered access to 12 OTT platforms, while Airtel only does to three. This might be, since, Airtel is also promoting its in-house original content streamed at Airtel Xstream which houses more than 450 TV channels and puts on platter somewhat over 10,000 films and shows. The streaming service offers combined content from seven OTT entertainment applications as well as its five studios. "Entertainment is the space where we see an exciting opportunity. Airtel Xstream brings the best of entertainment along with unlimited high-speed broadband connectivity into a single solution,” says Sunil Taldar, the director of homes division under Bharti Airtel.

Another parallel that can be drawn between the two brands is that of TV box. Similar to Jio Fiber, the Airtel users can get quick access to a high definition set-top-box., against a refundable security deposit of Rs.1,500. What makes this Airtel Android 4K TV Box even more special is that it turns any ordinary TV into a smart TV. Priced at Rs.3,999, it also gives a complimentary access to OTT platforms, besides live streaming of programmes. Subscribers can also enjoy online gaming and Google Playstore apps. This will “effectively eliminate the need for multiple entertainment devices at home," believes Airtel.

As of yet, the plans have been activated across 125 cities including Delhi, and will soon expand other cities as well. Airtel, however, is yet to officially announce the way for its existing subscribers to switch to the new plans.

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