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Vaibhavi Mishra

Vaibhavi Mishra

A multi-media journalist and writer, Vaibhavi views the world as one big piece of poetry. Time and again she tries to capture this poetry through words, as well as, the lens. She loves to explore the depth of human psyche, philosophy, cultures, and oceans! Carrying forward this quest for exploration she reports on various beats ranging from tourism, culture, art, social issues, business, market trends, science and environment to technology. For her, the life mantra can be summarised with the catchphrases, “Hakuna Matata” and “Carpe Diem”.


  • Saturday March 06, 2021

    Housewarming gifts are much more than just congratulatory presents. While they are definitely tangible versions of blessing and love, these are also a gesture to help owners settle in their new abode. Find below some of the best housewarming presents that will make a useful addition to their nest.

    Best Housewarming Gifts: Celebrating Auspicious Beginnings
  • Friday March 05, 2021

    International Women's Day is not just a random day dedicated to women, it is an opportunity to pause, reflect on, acknowledge, and celebrate the roles women play in all walks of our life. Surprise the women in your life with some of the best women's day gifts listed below.

    International Women's Day: Best Women's Day Gifts Ideas
  • Friday March 05, 2021

    Amazon and Microsoft have decided to strengthen their partnership and improve the Xbox gaming experience by launching a new Alexa application, dedicated entirely to the Xbox gaming console. The application will be available soon for download, as per the latest notification on the Microsoft store.

    A Dedicated Alexa App For Microsoft’s Xbox On The Rounds
  • Thursday March 04, 2021

    Sling bags have made a glamorous comeback in the fashion industry with an alluring mix of classic and latest designs. These bags enjoy unparalleled fandom, thanks to the convenience and style quotient that they bring to the room! Find below some of the best sling bags for women.

    Best Sling Bags For Women: A Trendy Pick For Every Outfit!
  • Wednesday March 03, 2021

    Instagram recently launched the feature of Live Rooms, which allows users to go live with three other users simultaneously. Read below to find out more about the Live Rooms, which has created a buzz among the netizens.

    Instagram Launches Live Rooms For Four People: Here's How To Use It
  • Wednesday March 03, 2021

    Intel has announced the discontinuation of its Performance Tuning Protection Plan (PTPP) which provided warranties against overclocking for CPUs. The chip maker giant claims that users are becoming -increasingly confident- in doing it themselves.

    Intel Discontinues Overclocking Warranties For CPUs
  • Wednesday March 03, 2021

    Science fiction books are one of the most evident manifestations of the fascination of humanity with the plausible implications of science, and outer space has been the primal subject of most of them. Find some of the most applauded and popular science fiction books based on outer space, below.

    Best Science Fiction Books Based On Outer Space
  • Tuesday March 02, 2021

    Mint leaves are the foliage versions of freshness. An inevitable add-on to countless delicacies, these green wonders come wrapped with a plethora of health benefits too. Read more to find the health benefits of mint leaves, while sipping on to your favourite minty drink!

    Mint Leaves: The Refreshing Greens With Healing Properties
  • Monday March 01, 2021

    Blazers are the fashion staples that speak the language of confidence, class and comfort. These versatile wearables can be paired with a variety of formal as well as casual outfits. Pick from below some of the best womens blazers which will smarten up your look for any occasion!

    Best Blazers For Women: Wearing Confidence And Fashion On The Sleeves
  • Friday February 26, 2021

    TeamViewer has added the web remote access feature, tapping into the already booming digital industry. As the remote workers mushroom in this tech-age, the venture aspires to attract new users. Read to find out more.

    TeamViewer Introduces Web Based Remote Access For Added Connectivity
  • Thursday February 25, 2021

    Monopods, the distant cousins of tripods, are rod-like support structures that help in keeping the cameras and smartphones still while shooting. Convenient to carry, these are a hit among camera enthusiasts. Find some of the best ones in the listicle below and shoot some of your finest clicks!

    Best Monopods: Supporting The Perfect Clicks And Claps
  • Tuesday February 23, 2021

    College bags are indispensable parts of life in university and serve both as portable storage cases and fashion accessories. Find some of the best college bags for girls in the listicle below which will easily accommodate the essentials and give you a stylish look!

    Best College Bags For Girls: Carrying Supplies In Style
  • Monday February 22, 2021

    Dark circles can be attributed to disturbed sleeping patterns, bad lifestyle choices, poor nutrition, ageing, or even genetics. However, you need not lose the strings of your purse with expensive products to combat these. Here are some of the natural ways to get rid of dark circles at home!

    Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Dark Circles
  • Monday February 22, 2021

    Maxi dresses are the evergreen formula for appearing effortlessly fashionable. These long gowns of sorts not only add a voguish touch to the style but are also quite comfortable to wear. Find some of the best maxi dresses for women in the listicle below and get ready to revolutionise your wardrobe!

    Best Maxi Dresses For Women: Flares And Twirls Of Effortless Fashion
  • Friday February 19, 2021

    Oscar winning films on Amazon Prime aren't just a bunch of acclaimed films over the years; they are the cinematic masterpieces that'll take you on the journey of experiences, stories, emotions, and scenarios that you probably have never thought of or felt before. Find some of these fine picks below.

    Best Oscar Winning Films On Amazon Prime
  • Thursday February 18, 2021

    Pregnancy is an interesting cocktail of sudden food cravings and delimiting dietary restrictions. While the mother in you might crave a tangy chaat or a sundae at midnight, many such delicacies are a strict no during these nine months. Find more about such foods to be avoided during pregnancy below.

    Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy
  • Thursday February 18, 2021

    Free online certificate courses by Google are widely popular across various learning and work spheres. They are one of the perfect examples of online learning of practical skills in the digital era, with just a click. Find some free courses by Google below and get ready for an impressive resume!

    Free Online Certificate Courses By Google For An Impressive Resume
  • Tuesday February 09, 2021

    Looking for the best Valentine's Day gifts for her, but struck in tightly strung schedule? Don't worry, shop online for some of the most unique and romantic gifts for her from the listicle below and amaze her!

    Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Her in 2021
  • Tuesday February 09, 2021

    Keyboard shortcuts are the secret formula for replacing the clicks and scrolls of a mouse with just a few keys. These handy shortcuts not only make the task more convenient but also faster as compared to a mouse. Catch hold of some of the most useful keyboard shortcuts for windows below!

    Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows: For Improved Comfort And Productivity
  • Monday February 08, 2021

    Indoor dates are the time-tested formulas for rekindling the spark with your bae, approved and recommended by relationship experts from all over. Surprise your significant other with some of the most romantic at-home date ideas listed below, that'll turn your evenings into sagas of love and romance.

    15 At Home Date Night Ideas For Romantic Evenings On A Budget
  • Wednesday February 03, 2021

    Lemon tea, the piquantly flavoured tangy beverage, has made its way to connoisseurs from across the globe. Besides its refreshing taste, this detoxifying beverage also puts on the platter multiple health benefits. Find some of these health benefits of lemon tea in the refreshing read below.

    Health Benefits Of Lemon Tea
  • Monday February 01, 2021

    Pinafore dresses are a stylish blend of dungarees, skirts, and dresses. Available in raunchy partying avatars as well as plain look for daily wear, these versatile dresses find a huge following among fashionistas. Find some of the best dungaree pinafore dresses in the listicle below.

    Best Pinafore Dresses For Women
  • Monday February 01, 2021

    Dates, the natural candies from the tropical lands, are popular among nutritionists and connoisseurs alike. A popular ingredient for desserts, dates are also rich in many a nutrient. Find some of the health benefits of this wonder fruit below and set a date with dates soon!

    Top Health Benefits Of Dates
  • Saturday January 30, 2021

    Best travel mugs are the ones that allow carrying around beverages on the go with ease and minimal risks of spills or leaks. Adding to the convenience of the fast-paced lifestyle, these reusable alternatives align well with goals of sustainability. Find some of the best ones in the listicle below.

    Best Travel Mugs
  • Wednesday January 27, 2021

    Birthdays of spouses aren't just a joyous celebration of their existence on the planet but are also a perfect occasion for expressing our love for them and their importance in our lives. Find some of the best gifts for wives in the listicle below and speak the language of love on their special day.

    Best Birthday Gifts For Your Wife
  • Wednesday January 27, 2021

    Stores, as well as the internet, have so much been thronged with gifting ideas and options, that presents have almost turned predictable, taking away the joy of surprising our loved ones. Don the cap of innovation and find some of the unique birthday gifts from the listicle below.

    Unique Birthday Gifts
  • Monday January 25, 2021

    Sisters are the best friends assigned through the twisted twigs of family trees. Their birthdays are not only a celebration of what an amazing human they are but also of the bond you share with them. Surprise your partner in crime with some of the best birthday gifts for sisters listed below.

    Best Birthday Gifts For Sisters
  • Friday January 22, 2021

    Anniversaries are special, and so should be their celebration and the presents. But when it comes to gifting, more or less similar ideas have been floating around. Check the listicle below and go innovative with some of the best anniversary gifts for parents, thatll touch their hearts for sure!

    Best Anniversary Gifts For Parents
  • Thursday January 21, 2021

    Mothers are the human versions of unconditional love; revered across the cultures, geographies, topologies, and species. While no materialistic gift can rightly appreciate these angels, we have brought to you a list of few meaningful gift ideas for mom that will bring a beautiful smile on her face!

    Meaningful Gift Ideas For Mom
  • Friday January 15, 2021

    Students get introduced to the fascinating world of points, lines, surfaces, solids and higher dimensional analogues- broadly labelled as geometry as their schooling advances. Find some of the best geometry sets in the listicle below which will help them ace this discipline with flying colours.

    Best Geometry Sets For Students
  • Friday January 15, 2021

    Sitting upright all through the day for desk work can not only cause discomfort and distorted posture but may also lead to disrupted blood circulation and severe backache. To the rescue are specialists recommending small footrests that can be placed below the desk and support the feet.

    Best Footrests For Desks: Comfortably Seating The Feet
  • Friday January 15, 2021

    A wide spectrum of herbs is being utilised in oral care across cultures since times immemorial. Not only do they help to achieve healthy teeth and gums without pinching the pocket, but are also free from any chemical side effects. Find some of the best toothpaste filled with herbal extracts below.

    Best Toothpastes With Herbal Extracts: The Age-Old Formula For Happy Teeth
  • Friday January 15, 2021

    Travelling is a lot more than just sightseeing and ticking off the items from the itinerates. It is a string of experiences, explorations and rediscovering sprees, the details of which might fade over time. Document your travel stories in the journals below and relive your favourite moments anytime.

    Best Travel Journals For Documenting The Travel Experiences
  • Friday January 15, 2021

    Tapes are, without a doubt, one of the most versatile stationery supplies with diverse application ranging from crafts to official purposes. However, handling tapes without scissors may be messy, necessitating dispensers for a handy supply of smooth tape slices. Find some of the best ones below.

    Best Tape Dispensers For Smooth And Handy Access To Adhesive Tape
  • Friday January 15, 2021

    Clutches, the stylish fusion avatars of a purse and a handbag, have rightly been ruling at the top of the fashion hierarchy. Ideal for carrying just a few essentials, they make impressive additions to one's fashion appeal. Find some of the best picks tailored especially for parties and celebrations.

    Best Party Clutches For Women
  • Friday January 15, 2021

    Aquariums are the domesticated minuscule versions of the fascinating and mysterious underwater world. Decorate yours with the collection of gorgeous rocks and pebbles listed below.

    Best Decorative Stones And Pebbles For Styling Aquariums
  • Wednesday January 13, 2021

    Besides being a great time-killer and an entertaining pursuit, cat toys are also a great tool for keeping the growing kittens fit. Most of them also help in honing their hunting skills by mimicking the preys. Find some of the best ones for your feline pals from the listicle below.

    Best Toys For Cats: Fun Alert For The Furry Pals
  • Wednesday January 13, 2021

    Briefcases aren't merely carriers of everyday office essentials; they are a fashion statement in themselves. Cherished by several generations alike, these cases offer organised and roomy storage of essentials on the go. Find the ones that best suit your style and purpose, from the listicle below.

    Best Briefcases For Professionals
  • Wednesday January 13, 2021

    Aquarium tanks, the advanced avatars of fish bowls, are a testament of the never-ending fascination of humanity with the underwater world. It wouldn't be wrong to label the decorative items for aquariums, a celebration of the same. Find some of the prettiest ones from the listicle below.

    Best Decorative Ornaments For Aquarium Tanks
  • Tuesday January 12, 2021

    Fire pits have had seen some of the most beautiful and poetic moments, under the dazzling net of stars. However, these treasure troves when left uncovered, may begin to wear out. Find some of the best covers that'll keep your fire pits protected from all sorts of damages.

    Best Fire Pit Covers
  • Tuesday January 12, 2021

    Polyethylene foam wallpapers make for an eco-friendly re-decor choice which gives an aesthetic and long-lasting makeover to the walls without pinching the pocket. These non-abrasive alternatives also offer excellent shock-absorbing properties.

    Best PE Foam Wallpapers For An Eco-Friendly Makeover
  • Tuesday January 12, 2021

    Space-efficient furniture has become the norm of modern decor, with a special fandom for foldable ones. Find below some of the best coffee tables that'll add to the aesthetic appeal of your place and fit in cosily in a corner or a closet when not in use.

    Best Foldable Coffee Tables: Stylish And Portable
  • Tuesday January 12, 2021

    Camping isn't just a vacation in the greens. It is unplugging from the chaos of urbane and reconnecting with one's inner calling, recharge for the soul, if you will. Don't forget to pack the following items before venturing off to your next camping shenanigan.

    Best Camping Essentials: Unplug And Recharge In The Wild
  • Tuesday January 12, 2021

    Wooden walls have always been one of the most popular interior designs. However, as classy and aesthetic as they may seem, wood calls for a lot of maintenance. Re-create that wooden effect with minimal maintenance requirement with some of the best wood-textures wallpaper stickers mentioned below.

    Best Wood-Textured Wallpapers: Durability Meets Visual Appeal
  • Thursday January 07, 2021

    A slumber party isn't just a fancy term for a sleepover; it is a get together that celebrates female friendships. From games and fun trivia to just lazying around or following a beauty regime together, these are almost therapeutic. Here are some of the products that'll enliven your slumber party!

    Best Slumber Party Essentials
  • Thursday January 07, 2021

    With a large stretch of hours between the packing of food and it actually being eaten, not only does it turn cold but also runs at the risk of being spoilt. Now enjoy your favourite packed cuisines piping hot with the help of the best-insulated lunch boxes listed below.

    Best Insulated Lunch Bags
  • Thursday January 07, 2021

    The popularity of bamboo fibre tableware has been on a splurge, thanks to its biodegradable nature, lightweight, high durability and chemical-free composition. March past your little ones towards eco-friendly sustenance with the following high-grade dinner sets made of bamboo fibre.

    Best Bamboo Fibre Dinner Sets For Kids
  • Thursday January 07, 2021

    Luxury dining has been fascinating connoisseurs for centuries now. While the bygone days of royalty cannot be brought back, their dining habits sure can be! Treat yourself with luxury with gorgeous rose gold cutlery sets listed below.

    Best Rose Gold Cutlery Sets: Luxury On Plate
  • Thursday January 07, 2021

    Planning on going for that dive listed in your bucket list and worried about your phone going haywire? Or your poolside vacation is clouded by constant checking for smartphone safety? Find some of the best waterproof pouches that'll keep your phones safe around splashes, and you tension-free.

    Best Waterproof Pouches For Smartphones
  • Thursday January 07, 2021

    Handwriting practice at a young age not only introduces to kids the inquisitive world of academics but also helps in making them better learners and readers. Interestingly, sharpeners of motor skills as well as imagination, handwriting books are a must for young minds. Find some of the best ones in the listicle below.

    Best Writing Books For 3-5 Year Olds
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